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Lina Trinch Icons

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  • linatrinchicon@livejournal.com
In case you haven't noticed by now, this is my personal icon journal. I make icons for all kinds of fandoms, movies, games, and the like. Most of the time, it's of whatever I feel like lol.

Currently, I'm still getting a feel for the whole process and the program. A lot of testing is going on right now. So, critics are appreciated.

The icons on the top of this profile will randomly change as I update more with newer stuff.
+ Comments are serious love. If you like something you see, please don't be afraid to tell me about it. My muse needs a kick every now and then.
+ Please, PLEASE, let me know if you take anything.
+ Credit is highly suggested and mostly mandatory. You know how that goes.
+ If you like my stuff, please feel free to friend/watch the journal.
+ Again, critics are more than welcome.
You want to affiliate with me or see who's affiliated with me? Go check it out over here.

My resources can be seen here, and will grow with time.
At the moment, I am not taking icon requests. I will later, but I'm still learning right now.

Banners (headers, 'friend only' banners, etc.) will be posted later. Along with the strong possiblity of layouts.

Thx for looking :)