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Lina Trinch Icons [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Lina Trinch Icons

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Welcome ^.^ [Feb. 21st, 2030|05:28 pm]
Lina Trinch Icons
- Comments are love.
- Please let me know if you snag any.
- Credit is also love.
- If you like what you see, feel free to watch/friend the journal.
- Critics are more than welcome. :)
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News [Dec. 23rd, 2011|12:24 am]
Lina Trinch Icons


Entries will be cross posted between the two.

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i'm so three thousand and eight [Nov. 24th, 2011|03:31 pm]
Lina Trinch Icons
[Tags|, , ]
[Music |you're so two thousand late]

[19] Cowboy Bebop
[16] Generator Rex
[16] Lady Gaga

i got that boom boom boomCollapse )
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waiting for the end to come [Oct. 7th, 2011|08:33 pm]
Lina Trinch Icons
[Tags|, ]
[Music |wishing i had strength to stand]

[31] Generator Rex
[20] Cowboy Bebop

this is not what i had plannedCollapse )
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you're the pretender [Jul. 7th, 2011|03:26 pm]
Lina Trinch Icons
[Tags|, ]
[Music |what if i say]

[17] Linkin Park
[34] Generator Rex (2 GIFs)

i will never surrenderCollapse )
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you're an alien, your touch so far out [Jun. 4th, 2011|02:42 pm]
Lina Trinch Icons
[Tags|, ]
[Music |it's supernatural]

[24] Final Fantasy XIII
[24] Kingdom Hearts 2

extraterrestrialCollapse )
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if you can't stand [May. 6th, 2011|03:55 pm]
Lina Trinch Icons
[Tags|, ]
[Music |the way this place is]

[22] SymBionic Titan
[21] Generator Rex

take yourself to higher placesCollapse )
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this time, baby [Apr. 15th, 2011|04:10 pm]
Lina Trinch Icons
[Music |i'll be]

[28] SymBionic Titan

bulletproofCollapse )
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i'm falling apart [Apr. 2nd, 2011|07:37 pm]
Lina Trinch Icons
[Tags|, ]
[Music |leave me here]

[24] Sucker Punch
[13] Final Fantasy X

forever in the darkCollapse )
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do you see yourself in a crowded room [Mar. 26th, 2011|02:07 pm]
Lina Trinch Icons
[Music |do you think i'll snitch]

[21] Sucker Punch (1 GIF)

are you pistol whippedCollapse )
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